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When you have nothing to wear; put on a smile.

There are times in our lives when our days seem like nothing but darkness. The days when everything we were hoping for to save us; fails. In those days we find it hard to leave the house, bed or dark hole in our comfy place. Those are the days we cry. It takes more than positive thoughts and memes to get out of the darkness. It takes a special combination...

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Decorate your body it's your perfect place.

There are over a billion people on the earth and yet we can all find our our special place. We can find our paradise, a little corner that is us and decorate it to our hearts desire. It can be as unique as you want. I believe that fashion is like that. We can dress our little spaces that we take with us. We can feel empowered to decorate it...

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Accept who you are.

I could spend all day talking about fashion and what to where and when but if you don't like who you see in the mirror; there is no point. You can buy the nice shoes and all the expensive makeup but they won't make you love you. And the most fashionable, trendy, on point thing you can do is love yourself. Hips, dimples, short hair, flat chest or big butt;...

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