January 30 2017 Monday at 09:00 AM

When you have nothing to wear; put on a smile.

There are times in our lives when our days seem like nothing but darkness. The days when everything we were hoping for to save us; fails. In those days we find it hard to leave the house, bed or dark hole in our comfy place. Those are the days we cry. It takes more than positive thoughts and memes to get out of the darkness. It takes a special combination of things, your favorite things the things that make you smile. So, pull out those favorite socks, those lucky draws; well-worn hat and comfy yoga pants. Yes, yoga pants. No one ever said you had to dress up, they said you had to get dressed. So, whatever "dressed" looks like and feel good feels like to you; do that. Get up, get dressed, get going and don't forget your smile. You can and you will (there I even took care of the cheesy mantra for you).